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In order to promote the art and culture of Cantonese opera to more audiences in different parts of the world, the Chinese Artist Association of Hong Kong (CAAHK), with the support of the Home Affairs Bureau of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, has produced the series of Barwo Channel: Cantonese Online Classes in 2020. A total of 47 episodes of guided teaching materials in Cantonese opera were produced. Through good use of the far-reaching Internet, viewers from all over the world can watch 47 episodes of Cantonese opera guided tours for free at any time and grasp useful simplification of the theories. Under the leadership of Dr. Wang Ming-chuen liza, producer of the series, the production team consisted of seven members (Dr. Law Ka-ying, Mr. Lung Koon-tin, Mr. Sun Kim-long, Ms. Wong Chiu-kwan, Mr. Chan Hung-chun, Mr. Wan Yuk-yu, Mr. Lai Yiu-wai) was responsible for the themes and planning of the overall programme contents. Meanwhile, several art directors were responsible for the selection, casting and content demonstration in each episode. The contents in the 47 episodes were diversified, with each episode focusing different elements of Cantonese opera such as singing, acting, recitation and acrobatics, makeup, costumes, etc. As the best guide for introductory Cantonese opera, the Barwo Channel: Cantonese Online Classes is surely the best choice for people who are interested in knowing more about Cantonese opera.